Women's Health Conferences - a Global Archive

Welcome to the Women's Health Conferences Global Archive, a repository for information on past, present and future events focused on women's health.

Women's health includes physical, emotional and social well being and access to essential health resources differs widely from country to country. Social and economic issues are also a major barrier for women who require even basic primary health resources, particularly in developing countries.

Increasing women's access to health care throughout their life is essential, including promoting physical and mental health care and rights, gender sensitive health programs, along with the elimination of discrimination against women on all health related issues.

Reproductive health care is particularly important due to the increased risks and complications that can arise during pregnancy and childbirth, which are among the leading causes of mortality in women in many parts of the developing world.

We aim to provide a wealth of information on women's health conferences held worldwide on a wide range of issues and subjects, starting from the year 2000. The Women's Health Conferences website also offers information on upcoming events and conferences dedicated to women's health