Women’s Health Conferences 2002.

Racism and Black Women's Mental Health

Los Angeles, California, USA
January 17, 2002
Dr. Robbin Hugg-Musgrove, Clinical Psychologist, President, Institute for Cultural Competency Training
The event was held by the California Black Women's Health Project to address the residual effects racism has on the quality of mental health care for black women. Topics included the social, economic, and psychological effect of slavery which have led to disparities in the quality of health care.

March 2002: Managing Menopausal Symptomse

Online Conference
March 20, 2002
Charles Loprinzi, MD
Debra Barton, PhD
Jennifer Griggs, MD, MPH
Callers were given the opportunity to ask health care professions questions about menopause its symptoms and treatments. Responses clarified concerns on drugs used to treat menopausal symptoms, natural remedies and their effectiveness for hot flashes, how menopause can change a woman's sex drive, and how women can help their family members understand their symptoms.

3rd Annual Sage Conference

San Jose, California, USA
April 4 - 7, 2002
Caroline Whitacre, PhD, Ohio State University
The Society for Women's Health Research hosted the invitation only event for researchers to discuss how gender determines genetic information. Speaker Caroline Whitacre discussed how the hormonal changes associated with pregnancy can benefit a woman with multiple sclerosis.

Margaret E. Mahoney Annual Symposium

Health Disparities Among Women of Color Symposium Washington D.C., USA
April 16, 2002
Alina Salganicoff, PhD
Carol Rowland Hogue, PhD, MPH
Nina Bickel, MD, MPH
The event was co-hosted by the Jacobs Institute of Women' Health and the Commonwealth Fund to discuss the issues that have caused the disparity in health care for black women. Topics ranged from breast cancer, coronary heart disease, and finders from the Kaiser Foundation's Women's Health Survey.

10th World Congress on the Menopause

Berlin, Germany
July 3, 2002
Professor Goran Samsioe, University of Lund, Sweden
Professor, Leo Speroff, Health Sciences University, Portland, Oregon
Professor Lorraine Dennerstein, AO MBBS, PhD, DPM, FRANZCP
A conference to discuss the chronological aging process, lifestyle, and psychosocial factors of menopause. Lecturers argued that current data on menopause is biased due to the selection process of clinical trials. And, advocated a need for the use of randomized control trials in researching menopausal women.

Women's Health: Integrative Medicine

Durham, North Carolina, USA
October 11 - 13, 2002
Christine Northrup, MD
Charles Hammond, MD, Chair Emeritus, Duke University Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Joan Borysenko, PhD
Lecturers discussed the options available to women other than hormone replacement therapy. The conference presented workshops and lectures on holistic approaches to health care and combination mainstream and alternative treatments to be used as complementary medical approaches. The topics ranged from stress therapy, humor therapy, yoga, and diet.

Conference 2002: Factoring in Gender will Shed Light on Future of Women's Health Research

Stamford, Massachusetts, USA
October 15, 2002
Christopher Howes, MD
Sally E. Shaywitz, MD
Kimberly Ann Yonkers, MD
Speakers presented investigation data performed by Yale researchers on women commonly neglected by medical studies. The objective of the findings were to prove that women have different risk factors for diseases than men and need treatments tailored to suit their genetics.

Alcohol, Drug And Mental Health Services: Sober Women and Healthy Families Conference

Santa Barbara, California, USA
October 26, 2002
Lia Suzuki Sensei, Co-founder, Aiki Conflict Transformation
A public workshop for women from abusive or alcohol dependent backgrounds to learn skills to combat everyday conflict situations such as abuse. Attendees learned stretched to boost their energy levels and ways to transform conflict through mini-plays.

Abnormal But Not Uncommon: A Briefing on Abnormal Uterine Bleeding

Washington D.C., USA
November 15, 2002
Amy Niles, President and CEO, National Women's Health Resource Center
Elisabeth Quint, MD, University of Michigan
Joan LaRock, President, LaRock Associates, Inc., Patient Speaker
The conference focused on the impact a heavy menstrual cycle can have on the professional and personal lives of a woman. Data from a survey of women with heavy uterine bleeding was presented revealing that women were less likely to seek medical attention, made significant adjustments to their lives, and learned how to live with their condition. 

25th Annual San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium

San Antonio, Texas, USA
December 10 - 14, 2002
Stephen Feig, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, USA
Craig Jordon, University of California, San Francisco, California, USA
The symposium presented scientific and clinical approaches to breast cancer care. The lecturer's presentations focused on the results of the CALGB 9741 trial, Arimidex, Tamoxifen, and adjuvant chemotherapy. 

Greater New York Dental Meeting 2002

New York, USA
The largest dental meeting in the United States and one of the largest Dental Congresses in the world featuring dentists and associated specialists including cosmetic dentists from New York and around the world. http://www.gnydm.com/